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Welcome to Cloudli

Art Direction and Management, Graphic Design, Illustration

Our In-House team was tasked with rebranding our entire company image and name. We started with finding a name that we felt best described what we do, which is IP Communications. From there, the name Cloudli Communications was born, and all visual language thereafter was inspired by the cloud. A logo then Brand Guide was created to inform and maintain a consistent brand throughout all our digital media and future internal and client-facing projects.

During this rebranding process, we were also plunged into the Covid pandemic. Our Product Solutions are based on Work From Anywhere principles that are meant to help small to medium-sized businesses. We knew right away that we had to push out our website and updated social presence as soon as possible to help struggling companies reduce their costs and stay in business. 

before and after-80.jpg

Original Cloudli logo and Brand Guide designed by:

Ben Hintz

(Logo and Brand Guide tweaks were made internally.)


Original Site:

The original site was very text-heavy. Above the fold, value propositions were mostly non-existent as well as CTAs. 

We hired New Breed to build the template structure and logic for grouping the contents of our site to become more easily searchable and logical. Many sections were either old and out of date or redundant. There was a great opportunity to populate the site with meaningful visuals, infographics, blogs, and Case Studies. 

A lot of research went into building a site that was easy to navigate and meaningful for the user.


Below is the resulting landing page.

New Cloudli Site:

Special attention was given to value propositions and CTAs for each section. Sectioning was also very important as our site has a great deal to say. It was essential that the information packets were easy to view, understand and digest. 

We introduced bits of In-House designed illustrations to help inform the user of the content they were on. Little animated counters were also introduced to keep the user intrigued enough to scroll through to the bottom of the site.

We created a new section that houses internally created Blog posts, as well as supporting documents such as Case Studies, Solution Brochures, eBooks, and a Support section that leads to Zendesk for commonly asked questions and in-person support.

We also introduced visuals of our Apps and links to the associated App Stores so that users could make the intangible tangible.

We've had amazing feedback from Agents and customers who feel the site is easier to navigate and procure information at a much faster rate while doing company pricing comparisons. 

Our Site is still evolving, with the introduction of animated illustrated videos coming soon, to help impart the solutions we offer to small and medium-sized businesses in a simpler and easy-to-digest format. We understand that not everyone absorbs information in the same way, so we try to break down our information in various ways to increase the odds of user comprehension. 


In-House Illustrated Visuals:

We used the Brand Guide to build out the dos and don'ts of the site components. With the new colors I was able to also build out little illustrations that appear on the site to help further inform the user. Some examples below of original illustrations used on site and for posts:


Logo Animation:

Art Direction/storyboard In-House. Animation by Nadya Pargacheva

We decided to bring movement to our logo. So a few story boards were drafted before one was selected for animation. The idea of what the cloud could bring inspired the movements.

story board.png
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